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Locating Macomb County Vital Records at LDS- because some early SCC records were kept by Macomb

There is an interesting way to look at Macomb County births from 1867-1875 and marriages from 1819-1849 and 1861-1885. Apparently the LDS assigns “batch numbers” for records entered into the system en masse from public records. If you know the batch number, you can browse through all the names entered from that source.

The batch numbers are as follows:

Macomb County births, 1867-1875: C518581
Macomb County marriages, 1819-1849: M518582
Macomb County marriages, 1861-1885: M518583


*Go to
*Leave everything blank except: In the “Region” box, select North America.
In the “batch number” box, type in the letter and number from above.
*If you wish to browse all the names (alphabetically), leave the surname blank. Otherwise you may enter the surname you are looking for.
*Click on Search